Lumen Parent Portal

Stay current on your students school related information by using the Lumen Parent Portal.  From the Parent Portal, you will be able to see your students class schedule, upcoming assignments*, course grades*, lunch money balances, library fees, and much more!  

To receive your log on information necessary to use the Parent Portal please contact your students building office and ask for a "Parent Access Notification Letter".  This letter will provide all the infomation you need to access your portal.  

*Assignments and grades may not be the most current


Important Parent Portal Information!! 

The student access information you have been provided has been done so with the understanding that you are the education decision maker by law for this student.  IF YOU ARE NOT the legal education decision maker or custodial parent for this student, then you are not allowed to lawfully access this students information regardless of the fact that you have information that gives you access to this information.  

If you have received this access information in error then please contact your school officials.  It is your responsibility to use access to your student's information within the parameters allowed by law.  You are strongly encouraged not to give your access information to any other person as the portal system tracks all accesses to the portal and its applications.  

The access information given will only allow one person access to the system at any time.  If a user is logged in and the same access information is used then the system will log out the current user logged into the system.



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